Grumpy Acre's Farm!

Freeze Dried Foods and Farm Fresh Products are all Locally Sourced and Made!

We are small homesteaders helping you become more prepared through our premium products and free information on our blog!

Premium Freeze Dried Food

Farm Fresh

All meat and eggs are locally sourced, 

proud to be as natural as possible! 

Quality Control

We cook and freeze dry everything 

ourselves! If its not perfect, it won’t be shipped!

Packed in Mylar

We pack all our food in premium mylar bags that can last up to 25 years!

Minimal Sodium

Unlike other Freeze Dried Food Companies, we only put the necessary amount of sodium in, so you don’t have to compromise your health for survival!

Some love

From Our Customers

״I love everything about this brand. All of the products are sustainable. The delivery is really quick, and the service is warm and friendly :)״

Julie Morris

״The stuff is really amazing here. I was searching for this kind of freeze dried food for a long time. This shop is a great fit for preppers like me, strongly recommended!״

Brian Kelly